SSL certificate

ho richiesto i certificati SSL, ma ancora sono in attesa da due giorni, quanto può passare per essere creati,
scusate queste domande, ma questa e la prima volta che cerco di fare un sito

translated by MOD

I have requested the SSL certificates, but they are still waiting for two days, how long can it take to be created,
sorry for these questions, but this is the first time I try to make a site

Please share your domain so others may better help you.
Which SSL provider you are on now?
Also,make sure that you have setup your cname records or else it won’t work.Simply click on that biggest Setup CNAME records automatically and it should work.


I see you requested two SSL certificates for But the domain on your account is Of course, it’s not possible to get an SSL certificate for a domain you do not own.

If you click either of the two SSL certificates, it actually says on the page “We could not find this domain on any of your accounts”. That’s actually a good sign that you may have made a typo.


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