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Hi everyone i have 2 valid SSL certificate on my domain : one from Let’s Encrypt valid for 3 months who is trusted by most of navigators and one Self Signed valid for 10 years who isn’t trusted by navigators. When i activate https on my domain a ssl security error is showed it means the Self signed certificate is activate. How to delete it and ony use Let’s encrypt? Thanks.

Just install the Let’s Encrypt cert and private key instead will do


I already did that. how to revoque or delete a certificate?

It appears that the certificate you have installed is the Let’s Encrypt one, and since you can’t have more than one certificates installed you shouldn’t need to revoke the self-signed one.


Ok but why when i activate the https i got a ssl security error ??

Loads fine for me. Try clearing your cache.


Thanks to everyone. it works fine for me too now.

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