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I had issued SSL certificate for my website and installed it, but still my website is running on HTTP server. I thought it will be updated in 24hrs but now its more than 24hrs but the website is still on HTTP server.

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You will have to force all traffic to HTTPS, and this KB article tells you how:


Mine says This site can’t provide a secure connection

What did I do wrong?

It basically means your site is still on http server you need to properly install ssl certificate and must redirect all your traffic from http to https

I had updated the settings as you’ve mentioned and now my website loads on https server but the page which I created in my website is not loading. You can check it on your own: and now its

Looks ok.

However, you do have some mixed content issue.


Try install really simple SSL plugin

I installed really simple SSL plugin but it was no help

Can you disable lazy loading?
Something is off

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Working for me :smiley:

You aren’t redirecting to HTTPS

What a VERY COMMON problem I see here.

Insert this in your HTACCESS

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{SERVER_PORT} 80
RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [R,L]

Another great tip is to run a lighthouse test in chrome DevTools

It’s there in .htaccess file

I checked source code of my website and there it is showing other contents of my page(in HTML tags) but its not showing any content except the title of the page, when I visit my website with link

Thanks all!! Now I get it, theme is creating some problem.

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I have uploaded my site from November 2020, it is not set complete till now. What else can I do?

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