Ssl certificate

I can’t install ssl certificate followed step by step instructions but still it isn’t working.

What do you mean by ‘not working’?

What error do you got? Where and when?

Any screenshot also? Error logs?

By how did you get the error?

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I followed this steps Screenshot by Lightshot clicked on client area than add ssl domain Screenshot by Lightshot than I had added domain name there Screenshot by Lightshot and i received this Screenshot by Lightshot i don’t know what should i do.

May I ask, What domain are you attempting to put SSL on?

Seems like you have already added or configure the domain. Check if it is already exist or not.

I have bought custom domain Screenshot by Lightshot there shows that it isn’t verified and 0 active certificate
But there shows domain is taken Screenshot by Lightshot what should i do?

What should i do?

What should i do?

Click on that domain “Not verified” to continue and you must verified it. Do not add the same domain again, you will get an error “The domain is already added/The domain is taken”.


Is it possible that this is reason for the problem? Screenshot by Lightshot
But email is working why they couldn’t send any messages.

Click on that “Check your profile” and follow and fix.

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I clicked but it’s some technical issue and how can i fix this. Screenshot by Lightshot

Don’t mind it. Sorry, it is not part of having the CNAME issue. Just leave it.

Are you still facing the cname records can’t be read?

I have found cname instructions Screenshot by Lightshot i didn’t knew it was important for ssl, i will follow this instructions, and hope it won’t be any problem.

Yes, if you will follow that correctly, you will not get a problem. Wait for atleast an hour or a day to see and to update the dns status.

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The message says that your mail server did not accept connections from our mail servers. This could be a firewalling issue or just a temporary hiccup.

If your email address is working, just click the “I have fixed the errors above” button to receive a new verification email. If you click the link in that email, your email address will be restored and the notice will be gone.


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