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I already point out infinity name servers to the domain name servers, and I’m using free hosting infinity free , I request the ssl domain and got new ssl certificate, after click ssl in cpanel I click configure button and clicked generate key then csr is filled and copied certificate and click upload , but error coming and shows private key doesn’t match and certificate upload not valid for three times do the same, so I delete ask certificate and ssl domain ,now I newly adding ask domain and waiting for neww ssl certificate, can once again certificate generated? And after configure in cpanel what is the next step pls explain admin …becoz after hitting configure button don’t know what to do so pls help me…thanks

Are there any imagines?

You need to install a SSL certificate for your domain on your hosting account, and to do that this KB article from the “Installing an existing certificate” part should help you.

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S I watched the article and generate ssl certificate, but when I click configure button there already filled some words in private key , what should I do next should I delete that key and paste key from domain account and click upload ? Pls help my domain


Do you have the private key yet? With the correct SSL certificate?
“If you are needing a new certificate, use the ‘Generate Key / CSR’ button, this will then generate a new CSR and private key, you then supply these to the ssl signer who will then issue a certificate that you must upload in the Certificate box to complete the SSL activation.” - Control Panel

Ok little bit am cleared, I do this step and come back admin

You should NOT generate a private key and CSR. The client area generates a private key for you to use. You should replace the private key in the control panel with the one found in the client area. You don’t need to do anything with the CSR.

Also, please note the fact that it is called a PRIVATE key. That means it should be kept PRIVATE and not shared publicly on a forum.


Sorry I don’t know that any way thanks for indication…little frustrated so I didn’t think about sharing key in public

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