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very good afternoon… my web page is
can you please be so kind and help me. I gues I m almost close to get the certificate ssl… but when i go to the free ssl it ask me to down load certificates on my control panel but im not finding the way how. I follow the instructions you guys got me where I have to change the sub domain and everything at the end says that i have to wait few hours to for changes to take place but Iwhen I get yo the freessl this is the part that I cant get… I have been working on my web page for long time… I have been reading articulos here and dont know if at the end I have to paid … but the true is if is really possible to get the certificate done… can you help me with the articule or where to find the both process… the one here to do in control panel and the one with freesssl. and how to paste the certificate to the control panel to finally get it to work… thank you one more time for you help.
This should help you.

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