SSL Certificate stuck in pending status

I put in a request for a SSL certificate on today for the url [] and still in “pending” status and I have yet to receive a certificate. I hope someone can help me out. Thank you! Its been 2 hours now…please someone help i need to establish iy ASAP

It will take some time for DNS propagation!

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i already use the vpn doesn’t it will speed up the process?

Arey you can use VPN…but how it helps!!! Site not Hosted on your device! Its hosted on IF!
Have you updated the cname records??

yes i use the automatic rename

Pardon me, please brief a bit

here if it helps

Hi there,

Please do not ping people for help as it can be annoying.

If you believe that you already setup the CNAME record, or our system say so, you just have to be paitient, as DNS change can take up to 72 hours to take effect.

Normally it is ok with 1 hour, but I once meet with a situation which takes a whole day. Again, please be paitient.



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