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After turning on Rewrite command to HTTPS traffic in the .htaccess file, chrome is displaying a privacy error due to the self signed ssl. However I have 2 other ssl certificates from ZeroSSL and GoGetSSL. Help me to remove the self signed SSL so that the site uses an SSL certificate that is valid for chrome and other browser; ZeroSSL or GoGetSSL

Simply install your ZeroSSL or GoGetSSL certificate and you’re done! One specific (sub)domain can only have one certificate, so if you install the ZeroSSL certificate, the self signed certificate is automatically removed.

Note that it can take up to 15 minutes for the server to start using the new certificate, and that your browser may also be caching the old SSL certificate, so be sure to check it in private browsing mode.


You currently do not have any certificates installed on your website.

When the control panel startes working again, you can use the one-click button in the client area to install a certificate.


To my end the control panel is now accessible. On my list of free ssl certificates, from my account, it shows the SSLs are issued.

So I should add again when after the announcement?



I have added a new SSL but still not working, the SSL error is still coming up even after clearing SSLs in internet explorer

I see this

You need to install SSL cert.
Self-signed cert will not do


I have done that, check my account…The self signed is not being overridden by the new certs

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