SSL Certificate Error

I’ve got the domain from Yahoo smaill business and have updated the nameserver, unfortunately, I am unable to log back in to Yahoo as the nameserver has been updated to infinityfree.

My issue now is regarding the free SSL certificate as it has now been more than 24 hours, it still shows as not ready under the _acme-challenge and _acme-challenge.www… I’ve removed the details and added the needed details to the CNAME records but still has the same issue. Can someone help me please.

I can see you are using Cloudflare. Did you add CNAME records in Cloudflare as well?


Hi, I wasn’t able to use Cloudflare due to the nameserver issue, I created my Cloudflare account onto their website but wasn’t able to use it. I removed my domain there already.

Domain is still pointing to CloudFlare.

** 21599 IN NS []
** 21599 IN NS [] 299 IN A

You need to add A record pointing to main domain ( in order to use CloudFlare. Then add in CNAME record accordingly. It shd work.


Can I do this to the infinityfree website? As I don’t have an access to the Yahoo Small Business hosting website and can’t add any nameserver there anymore.

You have to do the above inside CloudFlare DNS…

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The A record and CNAME record is already added on the DNS on Cloudflare.

I’ve also added a CNAME record on the Cpanel on Infinityfree.

I still have an error though on Cloudflare that I need to update the nameservers??

Then you need to make sure you are using the correct CloudFlare nameserver in your domain registrar.

I believe you also need another A record

“A @”

Also, CNAME shd be gray clouded and there shd be two CNAME entries…


Now I see that you have mixed both the NS.

Please choose whether to use InfinityFree or Cloudflare as your DNS host and remove the nameservers of the other provider.


How can I do that? Again, I don’t have an access to my initial domain registrar or the Small Business Yahoo website anymore.

Your domain is registered with Tucows.
You shd change ur dns info from there…


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Again, I dont have an option to log in to my domain registrar :frowning:

You hv to contact small business yahoo for domain login/passwords. Else I would forsee another issue when it comes to domain renewal time…

Try here>

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They can’t do anything as they mentioned that I’ve updated the nameserver to infinityfree. Now my question is, since Cloudflare is impossible, how can I use the Free SSL Certificate by Infinityfree which relates to my 1st question? Thank you for your support btw.

Like what I said earlier, you need domain login/passwords (not web hosting login from Yahoo) to administer your domain. Without that, there is nothing you can do as domain is still pointing to Cloudflare.

Once login to your registrar, remove Cloudflare nameservers from the dns entry. Wait up to 72hrs for dns propagation. Finally add in the required CNAME entries inside the VPanel.

So it’s impossible now to add an SSL then. I am unable to login to my domain anymore due to the nameserver as Yahoo Small Business’s nameserver has been removed.

Keyword is you need to login to your registrar…
Request to see if small business yahoo is able to grant you domain login


I’m sorry, but your nameservers settings are not right and they need to be fixed if you want anything related to your domain name to work properly.

You could of course try to setup the DNS records in both our panel and in Cloudflare, but I don’t think having to keep two DNS providers in sync is a situation you want to be in.

If you’re the owner of the domain name, your registrar is required to provide you with the tools to manage your domain name, or at least let you transfer it to a provider who can. And if you don’t actually own the domain, then you may just need to choose a different one.

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