SSL Certificate column is empty after uploading the key

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Error Message

The certificate can not be blankThe certificate uploaded is NOT for the domain name ( was seen) .

Tried to install free SSL certificate for my website. Generated the key/CSR and uploaded it. But Certificate column is empty and cannot upload the certificate

did u make the sll for the domain

Thanks for the quick reply.

I am new to this platform. I did went to free ssl certificates section on the website and added my domain there.

thats not the way to use sll cert try make one whit

Thank you again for help me out very fast!!!
You are a life saver :cowboy_hat_face:

welp im waiting for a reply on my post
as my site is down

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SSLForFree does not work well here! You’ll have to do some hassle workarounds with DNS to get one from SSLForFree or ZeroSSL or any other Let’s Encrypt web based SSL issuer.

Why not just use InfinityFree’s own SSL issuer which is available and compatible to use for free in the Client Area?

These Knowledge Base articles should help you out if you want to get an SSL certificate from InfinityFree’s SSL issuer:

If you’ve succesfully installed an SSL, make sure to force all traffic to https:

Also please refer to this Knowledge Base article for more information why SSLForFree and ZeroSSL does not work well here:


Ă­ used it once on my site

If you want to improve infinityfree, then do not advice external SSL provider unless the ssl is needed for free subdomain.


Ok fine you should have said me before right?
Last time done

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