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Unable to connect to domain name

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Trying to install an SSL certificate but my domain is hosted elsewhere. Is there a way to download the cert or can I only get it if I host the domain at infinity free?

Ur website is working

i cannot reach domain. it happened after i change my template. could it also have an affect on pages? and how do i reach the domain i cannot access?

Yes, your website is working fine, clear your browser caches to see the updated view of your site.

Also, you can get free https ssl certificate for your domain using Cloudflare, if you hosted your site on other hosting :slight_smile:

Just to clarify, is the domain hosted elsewhere or is the domain registered elsewhere?

In any case, you can get free SSL certificates through the section called exactly that in the client area. The system doesn’t require you to register or host your website with us, but it’s designed to be used with our hosting.


The problem is I can’t install the ssl certificate. The site is hosted on infinityfree, the domain is hosted at godaddy. So again, is there a way to download the certificate or some other option? .i doubt this is an unusual set up so surely someone knows what I’m talking about?

Yes ofcourse you can install and get free ssl from the client area for your site even if your domain name is hosted on godaddy and as long as your site is hosted on infinityfree.

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