SSL Automatic Installation Not Working

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SSL certificate is created but using the automatic installer doesn’t update the certificate
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It’s also not working for my other site
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OK now has updated after pressing the install button about 6 times but I still showing expiring soon.

I am aware of the 15 minute delay but I tried all this yesterday and it didn’t install those certificates either.

This is what I see, is it wrong?


Please be sure to check your site in Incognito Mode when checking SSL certificates. Some browsers, notably Google Chrome, tend to cache SSL certificates, so you may see an old SSL certificate even if you’ve installed a newer one.

The SSL installation status widget in the client area also tells what’s currently installed. If that widget says the new certificate is installed but you don’t see it, then it’s a problem on your end.


Hi thanks for the reply.

Both sites have now updated with new keys but I find it difficult that I had to keep annoying the key provider for new keys when they just wouldn’t apply to my sites.

What kept happening is I’d order the key… They page would San new key ready so I’d hit auto install… What I know now is that I was installing the old September key.

I gave it time and waited a day still old key to install… Today I just kept ordering new keys and tapping install. I even tried using my pc to update it.

Both are finally updated. But something really fishy was going on. I’ve never had this issue before. Shall see what happens next time I guess.

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