SPF records and Cloudfare

I am having a bit of a problem as my domain has been blacklisted - it wasn’t me Guv, honest !

I had to change my domain SPF records a year ago because my ISP was being blocked by Outlook.com and Hotmail. The new SPF record had to specifically include the IPs of my ISP to resolve the problem. That worked for a couple of weeks, but then I was blacklisted again !

At that point, I decided to stop using the POP3 and SMTP of my ISP altogether (they have the most irritating and banal adverts, so you can probably guess who they are), and changed my mail servers to Gmail linked to my domain name. That worked out fine for the last year until yesterday, when I got blacklisted again suddenly ! It took me all day to get to the bottom of it, but my web-host advised me that my ISP was still included in the SPF record, and I assume they may have been under attack again. My domain host told me to remove the redundant SPF reference to my ISP, as the result of which things are more or less working again.

However, my domain host is now recommending that I “change the record from the Cloudfare side” because the domain is pointing to the Cloudfare secure name servers instead of their name servers (https:// certificate). Frankly, I am not aware that I ever set up any SPF records with Cloudfare, and therefore I do not understand the suggestion or how to do it. Or would Cloudfare have grabbed the SPF records from my domain without involving me ?

If anyone understands this better than I can explain it, then I would be grateful for a bit of help with this. I admit it is all getting beyond my labour grade.


Well, if your domain is using CF, whatever dns entry shd also be done with CF. Period

Thanks. I understand now. I have been onto the Cloudfare site and changed the SPF. It is beginning to make sense at last.
Life used to be so much more simple. 74 and still having to learn !


WoW!!! Happy learning!!

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