Special characters (ü,İ,ö) are not responding

At my Website the special characters look like %½ different characters url:koronaharita.epizy.com
the original file is 2.7mb but when i upload it on filezilla it turns 2.2 idk why css and html files are changing when i upload it

What I’m seeing is:

I’m using this software:

Additional information:

Special characters can be tricky because of so-called character sets. Character sets determine which binary code corresponds with a certain character. If the file, the server and the browser don’t all use the same character sets, you’ll get weird glyphs like this.

There are a lot of different character sets in the world, but it’s generally safest to use UTF-8, since it supports most languages and is widely supported.

To make sure that works properly, could you:

File size calculations can change a bit due to file system overhead an different calculation methods. It’s not likely that the transfer corrupted your file in some way.


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