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i installed wordpress in my website and didnt used it for few days and after i check now i see alot of spam comments in default post of wordpress. I just want to report and fix this so they wont spam again. Just reporting this scene incase it can help other hosting and stuff.

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Since that is on your own website there is nothing we can do. You can just ignore them, or delete them.

i know, but i just wanted to make sure they dont go to other hosting webs and stuff

Again, what do want us to do? There is nothing we can do.

block them so they cant comment anymore or something similar?


i just wanted to share and help otherwise i know how to handle these spam comments, i just wanted to see if possible to block them from commenting with that email and stuff

Not really. If anything each user would have to ban them separately, and it’s pretty easy to create a new email (I can do it in 5 seconds once my email client is open on a computer).

in premium version we have custom email too?

Yes, premium hosting has free email.

what are Bandwith used for exactly and Disk space? i dont understand them

The amount of space you have to host your files.

so if i upload files and delete them them they will still be counted as used space?

No. It will only count while it is uploaded to the server. Note that it may not update immediately.

Use Askimet

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One thing that will probably help is not using Cloudflare. Cloudflare has website security which is supposed to stop bots, but in my experience it doesn’t do a very good job at it unless you’re putting it in “I’m under attack” mode. Our own browser validation system is much more effective.

Spammers are always on the hunt for websites they can spam. You can mitigate it by for example implementing a CAPTCHA solution (like Google ReCaptcha), by implementing spam filters like Akismet or StopForumSpam, or by requiring users to register on your site first and verify their email before leaving a comment.

You can try blocking the spammers, but they always use many different IP addresses, email addresses and names, so it’s basically impossible to do.

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