Sometimes css codes and pictures doesn't working

This is my 3rd account for creating this website. Two of them gave me error. First it was unable to upload any files to FTP. I could only upload on filezilla. I uploaded the place that I must upload. Then it worked fine for hours. After hours I opened my site and you know what did I see. The deleted assests are being used my website and most of css codes not working. Do you know anything about that?

Sounds like basic browser cache. Can you try opening the website in private browsing mode and see if the deleted files and old codes are still visible there?

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Oh, it’s all about my browser but how did I see a deleted assest?
I tried using Chrome and there wasn’t any problem but with
Opera GX it doesn’t work. Is there any way to fix it?

Because the asset is still present in the cache of your browser.

You could disable caching if you really want to with .htaccess rules, but I would highly recommend against doing so. Caching speeds up your website and decreases server load, so just disabling it because it’s annoying should be done with caution.

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