Something wrong with the SSL/TLS certificate?

(please specify the website or account you are asking about)

I’ve installed Let’s Encrypt and followed the guide, but for some reason, the certificate is still not trusted. Maybe you can take a look at the website?

The website is fine for me. Are you using an older Apple device?

Interesting point! I’m using MacBook Pro 2017 and iPhone 11 in order to access the website.
Both devices are using google chrome.

Have you installed the latest security updates available?

Yep, I’ve looked into this –

Recently Let’s Encrypt deprecated one of its DSA root certificates, which was generally meant for older device models. As your’s in 2017’ model… There must’ve been an update with new client root certificates.

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I knew someone who had problems connecting to Let’s Encrypt sites on a device using an older MacOS release. Please make sure your MacBook is updated to the latest MacOS (Big Sur IIRC?).


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