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Hey infinityfree, i’m having a problem clicking on so “softaculous apps installer”, this message comes to me “Something went wrong, please allow 20 minutes then retry”.

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I’m almost a whole day unable to access the site, and I had the same problem with other sites and not only with one, which leads me to believe that it is a general problem and not just a site. Please solve this problem. I thank you;

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softaculous is down again not only you and me facing this .everyone was facing these issue this will fixed soon don’t worry

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try clearing your browser cache for second prob

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Everyone is having the same issue. My theory is that they upgraded the PHP version and Softalucous is no longer supported because of an upgrade and could require Admin to re-install Softaculous.

For now, if you need to install Wordpress or anything, please install it manually through FTP. I’ll link you a video for a well-explained tutorial. This specific video helped my a lot and was still manage to get Wordpress working without Softaculous


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