Something is messing with my access and im getting alot of opoups about "htacsess"

this is the url im getting when i log into the html editor and it dosnet seem right to me.

Hi and welcome back to the forum!

Please redact this URL immediately, it contains your hosting password and allows anyone to access your account, putting it at risk! I’d also recommend changing your hosting password to be safe.
I’ve temporarily unlisted the topic and will list it again once the URL is no longer present in your post.

Can you post a screenshot of the error you’re getting and explain where you’re getting it (what are you trying to do, and where does it fail)?


I’ve reset your hosting account password. Do not share the file manager URL, it contains your account password which can be decoded from the URL. In general, do not share URLs that contain “gibberish” without verifying that the URL is safe to share.

As for the issue itself, I don’t understand what you mean. It sounds like the file manager isn’t working well for you, but I don’t know what you see.

Instead of letting everyone in the world access the files of your account, maybe you could instead share screenshots to show what the issue looks like for you?


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