Something error

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The custom domain has nameservers which are not ours! Your domain’s current nameservers are:,

Other Information

I see this


Do not mix nameservers.
Remove CF ns, wait for dns to propagate.
Then add domain to hosting account


Check my registar pic.

but it seems that it has not been pushed further and all other whois (except your domain provider) show a mix of CF and infinity nameservers.


I’m sorry, but I don’t think we can help you with this.

To use our hosting, you must change your domain’s nameservers. If your domain registrar refuses to let you, or the settings don’t get processed correctly, please contact your domain registrar about this.

I don’t know what this “Strictly prohibited using IP address…” message means, and apparently that the nameservers that are set in WHOIS and set in DNS don’t match, which is also never a good sign.

Our validation checks seem to correctly report the data that’s actually published for your domain name. As for why it’s not the data you submitted, only your registrar can tell you.


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