Someone redirecting and hacking site

someone keeps changing my WordPress site URL to a redirect site.
it is hacked by someone, I keep changing the URL but that person changes again.
please check.
slowfoodmexicoycentroamerica . org

No issue for me


just changed site url…but he is keep changing site URL…

So… what can we do for you?

If your site is hacked, you need to secure it. At least change your hosting account password and the passwords for all WordPress administrator accounts.

Depending on how they gained access to your website, you may also need to wipe your whole website for this. If they had access to your account files, they may have added a backdoor to your WordPress site, and the only way to fix that is to erase everything and rebuild your site using fresh, clean copies of WordPress and your plugins and themes.

And if you do that, please make sure to install plugins and themes that are actively maintained from trusted sources only. Outdated, untrusted or pirated code can contain malware or may at least be vulnerable to hacking.


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