Someone can login without my permission

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How Someone is loggin in my website. i don’t have any option to anyone can loging. than how is possible to loging my website :rage:

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i am using wordpress. in my website. nobody can register. i find a unknown user in my website. how is that possible. ?

You have enabled registration in wp,change it in settings

I haven’t used WP in a while, but I’m guessing it should be in Settings > General.
Correct me if I am wrong


No. it’s Disabled.

I don’t have any option in my website to register. than how is it possible ?

No. You can’t edit any database without my permission

What has he to do with your database???


Was thinking the same thing :thinking:


You should given screenshot how you know someone other than you login to your site.

What is your website URL?

What sort of plugins and themes do you use? Please make sure to only install software from trusted sources.

It’s common for hackers to steal an existing plugin or theme, add their own code to it and distribute their infected version of the software. This added code may then add an administrator user to your website which the hacker can (ab)use to gain access to your website to do bad stuff.


How to know which plugin is safe or not. and how to track these plugin?

You only know for sure if you’ve audited the code of the plugins and themes you’re installing. But since that’s not practical, only installing software from trusted sources is the best thing you can do.

If you did install a plugin or theme from a sketchy source, then your website may be already infected, and even if you manage to identify the source, removing the source may not be enough to get rid of the malware. If your website is infected with malware, the only way to make sure your website is clean is to rebuild it.

To rebuild your website, you have to remove all files from your site, reinstall WordPress and your theme and plugins from scratch. Do not just restore the site from a backup, because the backup also contains the malware.


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