Some requirements

PHP>= 8.0
BCMath PHP Uzantısı
Ctype PHP Uzantısı
Dosya bilgisi PHP Uzantısı
JSON PHP Uzantısı
Mbstring PHP Uzantısı
OpenSSL PHP Uzantısı
PDO PHP Uzantısı
Tokenizer PHP Uzantısı
XML PHP Uzantısı
GMP PHP Uzantısı
EXIF PHP Uzantısı
Imagick PHP Uzantısı

İnfinityfree bu gereksinimleri destekliyor mu?

Hi and welcome to the forum! Please note that this is an English-speaking forum and so you must speak in English or at least provide an accurate translation of your content. Since you didn’t do that I’m gonna translate it for you:

Only the PHP version is still 7.4; PHP 8.1 is only available on some free hosting servers. We’re expecting it to roll-out to all free hosting servers when iFastNet fixes the extensions problem. If you don’t want to wait for so long, Premium Hosting has it already, along with more features. Oh, and the imagick extension is also not available on free hosting because of some vulnerabilities with that and also because of the CPU load that it uses to generate images (thanks @Ziverre for letting me note that).


Imagick is unavailable here.

ImageTragic was back to 2016, technically you could make everything unavailable due to containing possible vulnerabilities. It is unavailable because it consumes a lot of cpu power to process an image.


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