Some cards doesn't work AKA Twitter

Hi, my site is had a working card on fb (the homepage doesn’t show the large image), whatsapp is working too…

But, twitter says: “Unable to render Card preview. ERROR: Failed to fetch page due to: HttpConnectionTimeout” in every page,anyone can tell me why?

I’m using cloudflare.

It’s probably related to this:


when I didn’t use https, the card works fine :confused:

If it worked before you changed to HTTPS, it must be another problem.
Better wait for someone with more knowledge to give you an answer.

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Maybe try clearing Cloudflare cache if you have not done so after moving to HTTPS

OxyDac’s site work fine on twitter :')

Anyway, ty

Oh, i’ll try it, thx

Well, still doesn’t work, anyway, thanks

Well, after using cloudflare redirecting url tool, i’ve set all the pages to redirect to “https://www.” version of them, and now, all the cards are working fine. Search Console and Bing Webmaster works fine too. The only thing wrong is sitemap can’t be reached by Google. Bing can.

Glad you got your original issue worked out! I really don’t like it when one issue leads to another once the first one is solved, but that is how it works sometimes :slightly_frowning_face: . Anyway, try resubmitting the sitemap to Google, after deleting the one that’s on there now. Let me know if it works!

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