SOLUTION: WordPress Critical Error after updating it

I’m confused by splitting into multipl topics myself.


Yeh don’t worry, its merged here, you can reply here now.

I have seen duplicate postings in other topics too. Just like in Facebook sometimes they make the same posting twice. I guess there is a bug in the system.

Softaculous (r/Engrish) will make the new update available in few weeks.

Thanks for the info. Hopefully sooner.

I don’t think it’s softaculous, they have released 5.5 (Softaculous) I think we are just waiting for IFastNet to give it the all clear that it works.

Yes maybe,
iFastNet need to update Softaculous.

Ah my mistake.

Yeah we all need to just wait, nothing else we all can do now.

You’re free to restore from backup. But the same process that caused the upgrade to fail may also cause the restoration to fail. We recommend against using backup plugins for this reason.

No amount of reinstallation through any method will make the one click upgrade work. You have to upgrade by hand.


It didn’t work when I tried to restore it with UpdraftPlus but it worked fine when I restored it per module except plugins module because it took too long and the system gave a warning that I have only 20 seconds to restore it. So I just add the plugins from the Dashboard.

I literally have no experience of Updraftplus actually -_-
So I can’t help you here.

To prevent this problem happening again for next update:

Inside wp-config.php file, above this line:
/* That's all, stop editing! Happy publishing. */

add this code:

Reference: Editing wp-config.php – Documentation –


Any Backup Plugin crashes wordpress website, that’s why we don’t recommend it.


Hope i’m right :slight_smile:

Thank you @adisp007 for this code.
I will include that code right away in my main post.

Yes, you are right. Save your file, and never update wordpress from the wp-admin dashboard!

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I believe they are many versions behind to be able to custom pick what they want on, and because softaculous for hosting, upgrading every year is a hefty bag of money.

Thanks, I have reinstalled the Wordpress 5.4.2 and my backup…I’m going to wait too.

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So how do we update Wordpress for non-developer users?