Softaculus installation errors


subdomain/website →

Error Message

At 95% softaculus installation progress stops and after few minutes appears the following (tried more than once, the same)

" The following errors were found :

Could not write the Configuration File softaculous.ini
Could not write the Configuration File robots.txt
Could not write the Configuration File coreinfo.php


Other Information

I am trying to install “SeoToaster”

Please let me know

Did you hit the inode limit?

The inodes status at the moment is “Inodes Used 34 % (10253 of 30019)”.
Do you think “SeoToaster” goes over the inodes available?


The inode counter only updates once every 24 hours. You may need to wait one more day to see if you have used all of your inodes.

I agree with you, but this is not the first time I try the same installation, yesterday and the day before, and
I did not install anything else. Besides I checked “/” folder and there are no files.


Are there any files or directories under the / directory?

If you means the home directory, yes, there are system directories and files and
other subdomain directories and files. Why?

If you have other domains and subdomains on the same account, then the inode count in all of those domains and subdomains count toward your quota of 30,019 inodes.


Can you try installing the software manually using FTP?

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Yes I am conscious of that, the point is that I am not able to understand if the errors ecountered during the
installation are due to the “SeoToaster” software which may go over the inodes available (66%) or for other


Ok I will give it a try, hope it is not too complicated.


No good news,
It is impossible to upload the seotoaster.v3.4.0,zip file because exceeds the max upload limit (128MB).


Unzip the file on your computer before you upload it.


Now it is clear, unzipping the .zip I found out that the number of elements is 44173. The inodes max number is 30019.

Case closed.

Thanks anyway to try to help out.


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