Softaculous not working

Softaculous is not working since yesterday. It is giving following error:

“something went wrong, please allow 20 minutes then retry”

Can someone please tell me why is this happening and how long will it take to resolve?


Happening to me too, hope it gets resolved soon.

Yeah, It has been a long time now and nothing happened.

Is there any way to directly contact them?

Please suggest.


They do have a forum, Softaculous, but after visiting their installer on my friends hosting account (not InfinityFree,) it seems to be working perfectly.

From my knowledge, this might be an issue with InfinityFree’s cPanel or some of their servers are down. I urgently need to backup my website, so I was going to post a topic on here but it seems like I’m not the only InfinityFree user to experience this.

I hope they fix it soon.

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