Softaculous Apps Installer Problem

I want to install something from the Softaculous Apps Installer but it doesn’t let me.

Here a Screenshot: ( in german but translated )

@Amenofisch said:
Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Well as far as I can say,
Softaculous send you a wrong response,
Like you want too request a hotdog but they give you a burger.

I don’t know about this problem too much.
Maybe Admin can figure this out

@Amenofisch said:
Imgur: The magic of the Internet

And also did you tried many times?
Is the problem still there if you still try?
And exactly what were you doing on softaculous, installing or just looking some software?

Did you try again after the error?
Is it still showing?
Inform me please and if it still exists only @Admin can help you.

Softaculous seems to be working fine from here, and I don’t know exactly why it doesn’t work for you.

Two possible explanations come to mind:

  • Something went wrong with the authentication. Please try clearing all cookies for and and try again.
  • Your network administrator is blocking access to the Softaculous ports. You may be able to verify this by trying to open something else running on the same ports, like the official cPanel demo: . If that page doesn’t open for you either, your network is blocking you from accessing our Softaculous installation.