Softaculous Apps installer not working

When I click on the installer from cpanel it does not take me to the installer. This is the error I receive: didn’t send any data.


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Because your site has been suspended?

Next time, could you please share your website URL or account username? What you’ve shared is your account’s main domain, which doesn’t say anything about your website, and is harder to look up than a username.

My first guess is that there may be a restriction on your network that prevents you from accessing custom ports. Most of our interfaces are available over normal web ports, but Softaculous is accessed over 2082 (the cPanel port). If your network administrator has blocked access to unknown ports, and hasn’t whitelisted that port, then that would explain why you can’t access it.

Can you please try to access Softaculous from another device or network (a proxy or VPN may work too) and see if you can access it that way?


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