Softaculous App Installer Problem

**My website URL is:**

**What I’m seeing is:**loading page

I’m using this software: Softaculous App Installer

Additional information:

when i click on Softaculous App Installer it will open a new tab and not loaded any content only loading.

When you click Softaculous app installer in cPanel then what happens? Can you provide a brief description with a screenshot?

when i click on Softaculous app Installer in cPanel , a new tab opens automatically and loading the page for hours . But notthing getting loaded and the page is blank.

Slow network speed. Nothing else

No its not a speed issue . Because the speed is 10 - 15 MBPS. All other work is going good. Such as downloading and uploading

Try clearing your cookies and browsing data

Notthing happens after clearing cookies and cache . Same situation

Hmm so probably there is a system glitch…

As I can see the screenshot, the last tab is opened with Softaculous. Please close this issue

whats the solution

Open the last tab. Ok… Solution

what means with last tab . explain

Thank you For the help.The issue is solved by changing browser. Thanks Alot.

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