SLL sertificate - Domain
I requested a free certificate, I copy the certificate and paste the service answers me: “The certificate you entered does not match the current private key.”
before that, I parked the domain through the NS record and assigned them to the registrar on the servers. After that, I decided to install an ssl certificate. I have added a C-Name entry in cPanel. - CNAME record - Appointments.
After that, I was approved and given a certificate, but when I upload it, it gives an error (

Please elaborate further.
Screenshot will be better

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The error message is correct.

I checked the private key that we generated for you for the ZeroSSL certificate, and the private key that’s currently installed in the control panel. They are different. So to install the ZeroSSL certificate, you need to upload the corresponding private key first.

So please take the private key from the client area, paste it in the box in the control panel and then click Upload Key. Then you can upload the certificate.

Don’t touch the Generate Key / CSR button and ignore the CSR field. You don’t need them when uploading a certificate for which you have a private key already.


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