Sites on Hosting Volume vol1_2 down: 404 error and FTP/file manager down

There seems to be a problem with the addon domains. They were, of course, deleted with the rest of the files. Even though in the client area they still exist, the extra directory and files are gone. Anyway, from the cpanel I deleted and recreated the addon domain ( in my case), but that did not automatically create a new directory next to my htdocs as it used to do.
So I created it manually through ftp along with the rudimentary .htaccess file that used to be there and the two other 0byte files DO NOT UPLOAD FILES HERE and .override.
But, even though I’ve done all that and my dns settings are correct (A record points to the correct IP: for my addon, the addon does not resolve correctly and the server returns a 404.

Yup same happened… Although when I deleted my files again it went back to 403

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Ok, I should have created an htdocs directory inside my addon domain’s directory. Now it’s working… :grimacing:

Ok, by looking at what a lot of others are saying, both here and elsewhere, it looks like a lot of things have gotten messed up. If you are having issues, I recommend entering the addon domain section of the control panel and removing your domain name (Also download any database or files you still have). Next, create a new account and add the same domain name, and after the control panel begins working on the new account, you can upload any salvaged files and import the databases. Please let me know if you need help with anything above.

And yes, this is iFastNet’s issue once again.

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I’m in the process of cleaning this topic now.


To summarize:

  • Is the account of your question on the affected hosting volume?
  • Is the issue somehow related to files, directories, file manager FTP?
  • Did you include the affected account username and/or domain name in your post?

If the answer to any of these questions is “no”, your post will be deleted. For the first two points: please create a separate topic in Hosting Support. For the last one: please post your message again with the right details.

All replies to such messages are deleted too. And in the future: please FLAG such posts instead of engaging with them.

Finally, Greenreader9 asked some questions in one posts and people are still answering them. Please don’t reply to answer those questions. We needed them before when we were still investigating, we don’t need them now.


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