Sites Down , Unable to Connect/ Cant be reached... Errors like 520,524, 521, 502, etc

Please Use this topic for website down problems as described in the title or anything remotely similar that has occured post the massive outage (caused by iFastNet techies) which occurred recently.

My website URL

What I’m seeing is: 521, Web server is down. Your results may be similar, but the problem is the same.

I’m using Cloudflare and Wordpress, both of which are not the cause of this problem, it was working exactly fine with all of this installed and setup. I’ve tried Chrome, Firefox, VPNs and proxy sites.

Additional information:

Previously when I was getting cant be reached/unable to connect, I checked my Freenom a/c and somehow i had lost that domain, so i got it again and reconfigured it properly. This may help for unable to reach/ unable to connect error pages from browser.
Relax People ! its probably an error on InfinityFree’s side and so it’ll be gone quickly. Read this if you use cloudflare just to rule out other issues (I have already verified that there’s nothing I have done that has caused this).

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Hello, I’m also having similar issue.
Pls help me out

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Did you try disabling Cloudflare (From CPanel) ? If that doesn’t work, let me know. Dint work for me. But my dummy site (also using Word Press and infinityfree) (domain from freenom) doesn’t have cloudflare and is still working just fine. is back online. Thanks Admin.

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