Sitemap couldn't fetch, Please help!

i am trying to verifying my property and submitting sitemap.
i have verified ownership -

Your robots.txt is configured to block access to all bots:

User-agent: *
Disallow: /

These rules ask all bots to not access your entire website, which logically includes any sitemap file.

Can you remove, or at least loosen, these robots.txt rules and see if that works?


Thank you so so much. :relaxed::relaxed:

I don’t really remember how to loosen or remove it.

I have remove my property from console and unverified it, removed from yoast seo and theme head verification. Will add my property again.
Will it make any difference?

To put the right robots.txt rules to allow all search bots, go to the WordPress settings, on “Reading” and on “Search Engine Visibility” toggle “Discourage search engines from indexing this site”, then save the changes.

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it is checked. Should I uncheck it?

Yes, you should. If you don’t uncheck it, it won’t be indexed by search engines.

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Thank you so much. :relaxed::relaxed:

You seems a web developer or programmer. Are you?

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Yes, I am.

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anyway we can stay connected? I am beginner in these stuffs.

after uncheck it, still seems the same.

Did you also save the changes? If not save them.

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yes, Saved.

If the changes aren’t saved, edit on your htdocs the robots.txt file with a File Manager, and replace Disallow with Allow.

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I did. Please check if it looks good in your knowledge and experience.

Yes, it should look good. Now save the file and close the editor.

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Done. Please check and let me know all good to go?

one more thing, while verifying ownership on google search console, It says download html file and upload it to the specified location.

What does this “specified location” mean?

It means on which domain root you need to upload it. For you it’s htdocs/, so you need to upload it in htdocs/ with a FTP client or file manager.

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is it good to be verified by all these options or verified by any one option is enough?

Be verified by the HTML file option is enough if you transfer all the files of your website to another hosting, or change the website files.

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Thanks a lot dear. :relaxed:

God Bless!

my all good wishes and blessings are with you.

Bless you with lots of peace, happiness, respect and love.


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Oh still facing sitemap couldn’t fetch error.
How to fix it now?