Site wrongfully pernmentaley suspended

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today I got an email notifying my site has been taken down due to abuse. I don’t have anything illegal on my site like pornography or piracy, I just simply run a blog, and I have not hit max account suspensions limits yet.

I believe this is an bug that has to do with this

We can’t help you here. Please open a support ticket in the client area.


the other account I use to beta test plugins also got suspended, so I believe this is not just me, in case if it is actually an issue in itself, admin can help investiage it

Yes, if one account is suspended for abuse, all of your accounts are suspended, that’s how it works. Please open a support ticket, Admin will not have much else to tell you besides that, unless there is clearly something wrong with your website.


the only way I see if there is something wrong with my site is if someone hacked it and used it for malicious purposes.

how long does/will it take for staff to respond to support ticket?

It depends on the time. The support staff lives in the UK.

If your account is suspended, you need to submit a support ticket. Why your account was suspended, whether you can get it reactivated, or how long it will take to get a reply are all things we can only guess.

This is not something to be discussed in a community forum.