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My site won’t display in google search.

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I have added that to google search manager console and added site map and added robots file as well. But none of the records displays in google.

You will need to wait for google to index and crawl your site. It might take upto 1 to 3 weeks for your site to get index or display on google search engine.

You will also need to have or post more unique contents on your site.

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2 weeks is already passed :frowning:

Also make sure that you have added your domain to google search console as a domain property or url prefix.

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So did you just enter the title of your site in the search bar? Also what’s the name of your site?

It could be that your site was already indexed on Google but it does not show at the top since yours is new.


You can also do this on google search to see if your site has been indexed (


that is already there

this displays my site

Do this, and see if your site had been indexed.


Yes i did. My site name is DeepMoc. I have no idea Im checking about this for weeks now. No luck.

So it means that your site is already been indexed, however your site is new and didn’t show at the top like what @UnknownLolz said above.


I’ve search DeepMoc and many stuff shows up like your facebook page which is at the top and since the page I checked links to your domain so i assume it’s your page.

I guess you will still need to improve the SEO of your official site to make it rank higher with search results. There is also a dedicated cutestat page for your site which shows up and not your site so you will really need to do some SEO optimization.

Also could you try to let Google to re-index your site? There is an option in their search console

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Thank you so much for the support! could you please tell me how to reindex? yeah that is my facebook account. but my website is not there in any page :frowning:

thank you!

Please refer here:

Also Google has already indexed your site:

You’ll have to change your description by creating a meta tag in your code if your site is using HTML and force Google to recrawl and re-index your site just to make sure the description does change.


I hope this could help you out to improve your SEO

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