Site was not reactivated when no clear evidence of i/o use explanation was provided

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The hosting platform returned an unknown error. Please try again later or use the control panel.
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The hosting platform returned an unknown error. Please try again later or use the control panel.

Temporarily Suspended for I/O Limit 2023-02-16 23:12 2023-02-17 23:18

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Why was this site deactivated who deactivated it and why was it not reactivated at the date specified

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However it has not been reactivated on Temporarily Suspended for [I/O Limit]

@EdwinTigor @oxy, @admin Temporarily Suspended for I/O Limit 2023-02-16 23:12 2023-02-17 23:18

However it has not been reactivated on Temporarily Suspended for I/O Limit 2023-02-16 23:12 2023-02-17 23:18

Do I have to start looking for a working site again as clearly I have not even got this site after many attempts working on it and you are suspending it on what appears to be unchallengeable reasons . Your reasoning for this suspension seems to be that you want to sell me a full website at around 50GDP a year minimum . How can I move a site that does not even function on your free one . No wonder your customers are leaving you . Is this really a good commerce modal?

It seems none of it no longer functions

Even ability to back up data is offline

I see it was deactivated on the 16th of February 23:12 and reactivated on the 17th of February 23:18.

Note that accounts are reactivated “after 24 hours”. That doesn’t mean “your site will be back online after exactly 24 hours, 0 minutes and 0 seconds”. After 24 hours, the reactivation of your account is triggered, and it typically takes ~10 minutes for the reactivation to complete, so the actual suspension time is always a little bit more than 24 hours.

So everything here was working as we intended, even though that may not be as you had expected.

And yes, the control panel is down. We know, see the pinned topic and banner topic. And yes, client area features that interact with the control panel are also down as a result. We’re doing our best to get it back up as soon as possible.

That is correct. Systems usage metrics cannot be challenged. These suspensions are based on metrics, meaning they are objective, not subjective, which means there is not much to be debated about individual suspensions.

Just because you don’t understand something doesn’t mean it’s false/evil/illegal/unfair or whatever else you want to accuse us of.

No, it’s not. For two reasons.

First of all, the goal of the suspension is to prevent you from overloading our servers without anyone a single cent. And let me tell you: servers are definitely not free. Either you need to reduce the server load your website generates for us, or you need to pay for more capacity.

And I have no idea where you get this 50 GBP minimum from. A Starter account is only 20 USD (not GBP) per month. 50 GBP is 60 USD right now, so for that money, you can get a Super Premium account with a domain name included paid monthly. If you skip the domain and pay for a whole year, that’s only $36.


Um i think not you cannot edit on menu in Monsta

Admin it put that 50GDB on my account. our testing is not finished .

I am still awaiting you to inform me whether this suspension was system generated and how to best avoid it . Currently I am trying to solve issues reading direct from stream so as to remove all local i/o which is mainly ftp development as your site originally prevented us contacting your service from local machine which you are aware about .

The later has been working without this notification however striving to become http is difficult are you suggesting this re-stream is responsible for this suspension which was required to run https compliant?

Control Panel

Yes, you can. It’s the top item on the list in the dropdown menu. But it seems that MonstaFTP’s menu doesn’t work well on windows that don’t have enough vertical space. You may need to make the window full screen to access the option, or zoom out a bit for it to work.

Really? Because in your very first message, you said no less than three times:

Where the “IO Limit” text is a link that goes to an article that explains exactly what this means, and provides some pointers on how to reduce your usage.

And in case it wasn’t clear (I do see the article doesn’t actually state it, but the client area and the email you got did), all limit suspensions are done automatically.

I have no idea what you mean with that sentence. But I can tell you that this suspension is entirely due to what your PHP scripts do, it has nothing do do with whether you use HTTPS.

I’m sorry to say I lost track of how your site is working right now and what the current status of the whole album art situation is. But it’s possible that this may be the cause of your high IO usage.


Hmm ok but Monsta is still is offline and gives this screen

How can loading album art from your local server be high in I/o You know that originally I was using a php file with data on its command line which was working perfectly until your agents disabled this by placing a filter your iFast .com router to stop this i/o getting to my website server this was outed by a filter being placed on said router an information request was attempted to remove this from your head quarters at Headquaters Kwiksstaartlaan 42 Unit GI517 3704GS, Ziest nothing helped and this block was inpass .

This site was then re written to not use this process and obtain the art in another direction. Since this did not current provide lyrics frame from the new method and the fact that everything was going https secure .

We tried to set up certificates which gave mixed messages because of the http unsecure stream . We was helpfully informed that we could restream this http from the https website however this has been unclear and code that should function has not functioned leaving only one method which was streaming something if not music last week when you brought in suspension .

Can you please explain what high load i/o you are seeing . It is not clear at all from the statistics i send you on this forum . As eventually this communication should remove all i/o except the stream and https restream of it . then If this represents the high I/O that brought in suspension then your helpful suggestion to restream to be http compliant will not be possible then it will not be possible to run https secure sites on your platform?

Denise x

Additionally you cannot reach the edit menu if there are not enough files in the directory as the edit part of the menu disappears of the top of the header on the page without scrollbar to bring it back in focus. Currently I am filling directories with empty folders to force it to provide schrollbar but this is not really a good option to resolve this problem

Again: I don’t know what the current state of your site is. I can’t say if something works efficiently or not if I don’t know what it does or how it works. Depending on how your album art thing works right now, it could be that it may be functioning in a way that could be cause high IO usage. There are two "could be"s in that sentence because I don’t know for sure.

So please stop flaming me for airing a potentially helpful suggestion.

You asked for ideas on how to prevent getting suspended again. I gave you an idea, and what I get in return are accusations, insults and conspiracy theories.

I’ve learned my lesson now. Whatever I say just completely ignites you. Yet while you seem to deeply hate me, you are still using services I provide. So I think it’s best for everyone’s sanity if I just don’t respond to you anymore.


Here we go again still has no definition as to what I/O has occurred i put limit in stream transaction so it cannot be that and in all purpose was back to what i had before this occurred . I also reduced I/o and strangely its still doing this is this something to do with a new idea you have ?

Furthermore I signed with Ionis what is iFAST?

This new control panel was put in place that blocks all services last week Feb 2023 strange when it says on my website unlimited perhaps someone could explain what that means unlimited but with limits Limited is the opposite of unlimited .is that not unlimited growth. I wonder if the have altered their terms too?

Ionos is probably your domain domain provider. You are hosting your website with InfinityFree, who’s backend is managed by iFastNet. I know we already told you this.

Also, as I told you in your other topic, this hosting was never unlimited, the control panel was just lying to you. Now, the control panel reflects the actual limits.


Nope its but I signed up with ionos please look at first post under Bandwidth: Unlimited . I am sure my French and English is able to read it so unsure why you cannot see it ?

Nope Edwin told me yesterday last post he could not get into control panel either like i could not either .

Your system admin said it was a bug which it turned out to be an upgrade to limit access under suspension to remove all menus . The previous suspension i was able to back up my website this is now not possible limit s now in place from access presumable put in by he didn’t even see i was reporting problem with menus in ftp editor but that said i also note it is said on the forum has no control on the website provider. So have reported this to IONOS this morning and await reply .