Site was DDoSed

Help! My site was DDoS’ed. The bandwidth was reached and InfinityFree won’t do anything because all they want is money. We need our site to be up because we were actively working on it.

? we have :infinity: bandwith

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Is unlimited bandwidth, how can it be reached?
Pls look into client area for ur reason of suspension.

i mean traffic

Hits are different from visits.

Every time a file is loaded from your website (whether it be an image, script, style file, HTML file, PHP file or whatever) it counts as a hit.

If you load 10 files per one webpage, all you have to do is visit that page 5,000 times and it reaches the hit limit.

Some tips for that:

  • Combine and minify your JavaScript files. While minification here isn’t really helpful, it helps your users load your webpage faster.

    (The above applies to CSS files as well)

  • Remove unnecessary files. If you are loading small icons, it would be better to convert the image to base64 instead and put it in your HTML/PHP file.

If this doesn’t help then you should consider moving to a paying web hosting provider as their limits are almost always higher and more generous.


Wait 24hrs for ban to be lifted, if it was a temp suspension.
If you cannot wait, upgrade to premium hosting.

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Why not using Cloudflare to counter DDoS.

Free subdomain cannot use CF…


Oh, My bad.

DDoS attacks take a ton of server power to handle and someone needs to pay for that. You may just be a victim of it, but that doesn’t mean we’ll gladly throw a ton of server power at your website to handle the attack.

No, it wasn’t. Check the client area, it tells you which limit you hit and gives you a link to explain more about what it does.

You have hit the CPU limit, which is definitely not the same as bandwidth.


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