Site unreachable is unacessible by any way
i can’t even login into the ftp, or even go into the index.html
can you guys please help me??

Yes, there’s a hosting issue and we all re waiting for a solution.


There’s an server problem !

The Admin will be here soon to state a solution ,Could you wait for him ?


Happy to seeing you understanding

Hope the issue will be fixed out soon !

I just saw that i can access finally the site, tho ftp server still unreachable…
I’m waiting tho!

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Bevor few Minutes was my website down. Now is the website reacheable, but I still can’t access cPanel.

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Hope someone is working out there to fix this issue !


I having a paid domain and having a server unreachable error !

also is it possible to have cloudflare on a free domain?

That’s a paid domain (in) is a high level domain for India

I think soneone is working to solve the issue. Because one ago i could see just elements which are created using html/ css, but the website didn’t pull data from the Database. After that was the website completly down! but now the website is working. TRhat’s why i think that someone is working on the issue.

NB: I noticed that the website load quicker as bevor! :thinking: Anybody who can now reachs his website can please confirm this?

Yes but not for a domain like

I’d recommend to start testing with a free domain from that’s where I have started and completed coding then buyed a domain

No I can’t even reach my website could you reach

Link - ! (Which is ranking top on google if now crawls it immediately deindex ) Huh !

:grin: Drink tea and wait

Lol !

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i’m trying to get a free one, tho its saying “not available” even if i typed random letters

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Yes excatly, on a subdomain you can’t do more. I think it’s also not possible to set HTTP request Headers

You should type the full domain like if you want you need to type the full domain name ! not just example !

But It’s possible with buying a ga domain from