Site Theme/layout not correct

Im using a program called Mobirise for drag and drop website creation. It has built in FTP and i can upload my files ok. But when i go to preview the site. NONE of it looks as it should.

Here is what its suppose to look like for a test

But this is what i get for the output… (nvm new users can only upload 1 pic STUPID)

Again the files have all uploaded and i dont see any errors… Its just simply not displaying Grrr

Hi and welcome to the forum

What is your address (domain) ?

Have you tried clearing the browser cache with CTRL + F5 or using incognito/private mode?


Ok i just did ctrl f5 and nothing changed. No change. However incog is displaying correctly. Weird.

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Then it means that it did not work successfully (del. the cache via ctrl + f5)

some browsers can be stubborn

also sometimes people have certain browser plugins that force the cache.

And sometimes it is necessary to hit CTRL + F5 a couple of times :wink:


Rite on thank. As long as its showing correctly on ingog it will show correctly for users. So all good. I shoulda thought to check that before posting.

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