Site suspended

My site It looks like it off. What happened? I went to access it and it’s not in the air. I like Infinity Free but I am thinking of withdrawing

It’s recommended to use and instead

Your account works fine to me, what do you mean by it is “OFF”?


works fine for me also

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Hello friends. Thank you for responding. My website is suspended, according to InfinityFree. How are they accessing and I’m not getting it? I don’t use the blog for anything wrong and I don’t know why I was suspended. Is it because I’m using these ns1.byet instead of epizy? Can you help me please?

Hi, friend. Strange, because I can’t see it here. How are you doing and I am not. I didn’t do anything wrong or use the site for anything wrong. I saw on the account panel that it had been suspended and opened a ticket there

Is that why you were suspended? I like InfinityFree. It’s kind of boring when it gets a lot of visitors and goes off the air because of the Php access

Same here…

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But on freenom there are 5 lines to fill. Do I put only the first two lines with those you indicated?

To me appear a white screen

Try in incognito.
Tell me if this works

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I received this:

Your account was suspended because it has been using excessive MySQL resources on the free hosting servers.

Running large, complex queries across large tables use up a lot of server power on the database servers, which can decrease database performance for all websites on the server. Because of that, we are forced to restrict database usage.

Your account has now been reactivated. However, you may need to take action to prevent this from happening again.

Usually, high database load is caused by running poorly optimized queries on your database. This may be caused by bad plugins for your CMS. Removing any unnecessary plugins or themes can help in reducing database load.

If that doesn’t work or your database load stays high, please consider to upgrade your account to premium hosting. On premium hosting, you can use far more database power so your website can continue to grow.

Hmmm. I’m still not getting to see the site. Everything is white and I can’t access wp-admin. I’ll see if I uninstall some plugins. I really think about upgrading.

Please, I urgently need to put SSL on my domain but I am not able to access the control panel. He reads and doesn’t load. Where do I need to enter CNAME record? Do I have to enter these values?


I read the instructions but I didn’t understand. Where do I go on the control panel?

Pls read…


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