Site server didn't responding

please see my website what happened ( ), yesterday my website also ran out of time because the main server was being blocked due to ddos ​​after a few days to normal but why is it repeating itself today?

Well can you please wait for a few more days.

already in a few days my website keeps having time out

Please wait for a extra few days!

but why, why is it blocked again by ifastnet

blocking doesn’t mean for a few days or so.

It may be blocked for a week also.

gosh it could cost me

These are expected in freehosting

You will just have to wait, iFastNet may not unblock this IP for weeks, the DDoS attacks were extremely harmful, not only to the website that received it, but potentially to other websites on the same IP.

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Because it’s being attacked again, of course.

We’re not doing this to punish or bully you.

And if you don’t want to wait for the attack to be over, you could create a new hosting account and move your website to it.


can the process be fast, what I know is that if you create a new hosting account with the same domain you have to delete the old account first and wait for the next 30 days so that the hosting account is completely deleted.

Of course it can be! If the attacks would stop right now, your site would be back in a jiffy!

Unfortunately, we don’t know when the attacks will stop, and we have no control over that.

No, you can delete any domain from any active account right now and assign it to a different account immediately.

Like is says in the client area right above the deactivation button:

If you want to use these domains on another account, you have to remove the domains from this account (through the Control Panel) BEFORE deactivating the account.


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