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I had installed wordpress on my site. I tried to install many plugins (woocommerce, jetpack…) but couldn’t (bad gateway 502).
so, rest wordpress. After that site works for few hours. Now, i cannot get to my site. It redirects to net.domain… such a site. What happened? Hosting is working.
Please help me.(if you please give a solution to previous prob too)

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Your site load but it is blank. You could try reinstalling WordPress. Also, for the plugins and themes, you can upload the file of the plugin and extract it in the file manager. Upload it is the wp-content folder.

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Ok i will try reinstalling.

  • i tried plugin extracting ,plugin activated, but not worked. Actually it was the problem. All vanished.
    Why i can’t install plugins through wordpress, or upload. They are less than 10mb.
    Thank for helping.

I will keep in mind it.

No, wordpress is fine on free hosting. it’s best for beginners!

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Fixed, not needed to reinstall. But frontend blank because of woocommerce error, not resolved by ftp uploading/ extracting. If u can reply on it too…

Delete the woo commerce plugin files from FTP. To install plugins:

  • Login to FTP, and go to wp-content folder in /htdocs.
  • Download the plugin’s .zip file from WordPress Plugins |
  • Extract the zip file in your laptop/computer using 7Zip or WinRAR.
  • Open the extracted folder and you will see a folder named woocommerce like that.
  • Now upload this woocommerce folder in your plugins folder of wp-content.

Hope it helps!


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