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My website:

Hello, I have a problem.
I created my site yesterday with a freenom domain and have already added the infinity free nameservers, however since then every time I try to access it I am redirected to the following domain:
I went to check the panel and it says that the site is working, and it is not suspended. What is the problem?

Help me Please!!


I have looked at this page before, this is not the solution. Help me!

Same happened to me with most my accounts but it’s working now. You just need some patience.


As you can see in the website below, your nameservers are far from fully propagated:

  1. This can be a matter of time and, in that case, you will have to wait.
  2. There can be a problem in Freenom and it wouldn’t be the first time this happened.

One solution I’ve been reading to solve problem 2 is:

  1. Go to Freenom and change the nameservers back to theirs
  2. Wait a few hours and change the nameservers to InfinityFree’s again.
  3. Wait a few hours for the changes to propagate.

EDIT: Since ropesnb can already see your website, it must be problem 1. So, it’s probably wise to wait a few more hours.


Thank you, I am reassured now.

I am in Brazil, so I think I should wait.
From what I saw on DNS Propagation Checker - Global DNS Testing Tool the DNS has not propagated here yet. Thanks

For some reason, the nameservers contains two IP addresses for your domain, not one. This is likely causing the issue.

Can you please remove the domain from the account and then add it again? Hopefully, that will clear out all the bad data and add the right records.

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Same issue for me: epiz_28633861

my problem was solved, thanks to everyone!!!


Can you explain how did you do that??
I’m facing the same issue on both of my domains

I’m assuming you mean to remove the domain and re-add it. Just remove it from your IF account and re-ad it.


follow what admin said

Then what? Can you explain more further? This panel is new for me…

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