Site Not Working After Moving HtDocs

Hello, I hope all is well…

I have recently moved the htdocs file of a parked domain that was a .ml extension to a new subdomain, however the site is not working… I use Joomla, and have disabled error messages, all it says is error, so no other details I can give as I do not know myself…

The first site was called, and the new site is on… I have literally just moved the directory from domain to sub domain after taking a backup…

Any ideas how I can save the site??



Can you enable error messages? I have never used Joomla before, so hopefully someone else here will be a bit more helpful

Ignore this

You’ll need to create a new database for the new domain and move its contents as well, and also make some modifications to configuration.php. The following article from Joomla’s documentation should help:
Copying a Joomla website - Joomla! Documentation

(You can skip the download and upload parts as you’ve already done those).

Check that the changes in configuration.php is as this article describes (that the site is correctly linking to the database, and that the values that should be empty are empty):


Is this really necessary though? As long as it is on the same hosting account then there is no need for it.


Yeah I believe you’re right, not sure what I got it mixed up with. Fixed, although now I don’t know why the site isn’t working.

Try finding the line $error_reporting in configuration.php and change its value to maximum.


Maybe this was left out?


This issue is now resolved. Thanks to all for responding.


Thanks everybody…

I noticed that a couple of files failed to transfer across from FileZilla, as soon as i requeued them and they were transferred, it seemed to do the job… Thanks again everybody but luckily it never got that far…



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