Site not updated after upload (even backend)

I have a problem with my site - it doesn’t update after I change a few files through FTP. It is not just frontend, but even backend files like configuration, templates, etc. The interesting thing is that it works if I delete everything and upload the whole site. I cannot do that anymore, because I’m using huge libraries and the upload takes two hours to complete.
I am using Cloudflare, however, all caches are purged and development mode is on.

What is the url?

Please show real example(s)


the simplest example: title page should look like this

But it is not updated

These changes are done in the backend in template files (I use nette framework).
The file is uploaded and I can see it in the file manager changed.

Specific change is the main heading (added sssu) and the last tab (the last two are however invisible if you are not logged in)

This is what I see

Did you clear browser cache?


yeah, you also don’t have the updated version. Yes, I have tried clearing the browser cache, along with all Cloudflare caches I know of that might affect it

When did you switch to CloudFlare?


Website is loading through IF, not CF


quite long ago, I’ve had it for several months. However, I’ve disabled the CF proxy a few minutes ago, so now it shouldn’t interfere with that at all

Thank you very much for your help, I resolved it, the reason why it didn’t work was because of the inner cache that (of course) didn’t have the new files loaded :sweat_smile:

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