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Sorry, I filled in the inquiry in the format requested. I keep getting the above error message when i try to upload my current website database into infinity. I am trying to migrate my exsisting site from bluehost to infinityfree. I’ve never done this before and am following the step by step instructions, but keep getting this error message. What am I doing wrong?

I did follow these instructions, but I must be doing something wrong as I keep getting this error message.

I think you want to do this instead of creating the tables from scratch.


This is exactly what I did, but I keep getting the error message and have no idea what to do next or what I am doing wrong.

Oh, now I think I understand. The code you shared in the beginning was a snippet from that backup file, right? Can you upload that file here?

I think so…ok it says I’m a new user and cannot upload files, so I guess not.

Can you upload it to Google Drive, Box, OneDrive, etc and paste the sharing link here?



Here you go: HIDDEN BY MOD

Can you try creating a new backup from Bluehost? This one looks corrupted.


It looks like some tables were imported. Are there some that are still missing?

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It seems that your database backup includes a statement to create the database with the name it had on your old hosting provider. But that’s not going to work if you’re migrating to a different provider, because then the database name is likely different.

This is fairly easy to hack yourself though.

  1. Extract the downloaded backup (or download a fresh one without compression).
  2. Open the file in a text editor (like Notepad).
  3. Find the lines that begin with CREATE TABLE and USE and delete those lines. In your backup, they are lines 24 and 25.
  4. Save the updated file.
  5. Import the updated backup file through our phpMyAdmin.


I hid the gdrive url because it contains your admin mail and pass

Be sure to change all that later

How do I tell what is supposed to be exported and backed up on bluehost? Where do I find that information to know if anything is missing. I don’t have a huge site and while I have some information on it, I don’t have a lot. Would I be better off just pointing my domain to infinity free and starting over with my website? Would I be able to use wordpress and elementor to build my site? Sorry, I’m just a bit lost.

Thank you!!

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Were you able to follow the instructions from Admin, or did you get lost?

If you got lost:

  1. Login to your BlueHost control panel and open PHPMyAdmin
  2. Select the database you would like to work with.
  3. Along the top of the screen click the “Export” tab.
  4. Select the options you would like for the export. If you aren’t sure, simply leave things as they are and click the “Save as file” checkbox and click Go.
  5. This will download a .sql file to your computer.
  6. Open the .sql file using a text/code editor
  7. Find the lines that begin with CREATE TABLE and USE and delete those lines. (Use CTRL+F to search for them)
  8. Save the updated file.
  9. Import the updated .sql file through our PHPMyAdmin.

How would I do this on a mac? It won’t open in notepad, what are my options?

What should i use to read this on a mac? I exported ok, but I don’t have a text editor that I know of. Any suggestions?

On a Mac, you can use TextEdit, which is a built-in system application. However, you must make sure you use Plaintext mode otherwise it will save with a garbled encoding. Here’s how to do that:



Elementor is not recommended on free hosting

This may help with migration


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