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I was installing a wordpress site ( and working on it but suddenly the site is suspended due to CPU limits. Would really appreciate if CPU limits could be increased.

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WordPress uses a lot of cpu usage. May be deactivate some plugins that you don’t need can solve this problem.

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Would really appreciate if InfinityFree could help define what specifically (which plugin etc) is using too many resources then it would be of great help. Kindly advise.

Jetpack is one of the plugins that uses lots of cpu usage.

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Sadly, it’s virtually impossible from a technical level to tell which WordPress causes high resource usage on the server. We record CPU usage on the account level only. We could theoretically poll which processes run as a user, trace these processes to see what is happening in there or live track what PHP is doing and attempt to correlate that against common CMS to be able to give recommendations on what parts of an application might be responsible for certain usage.

The problem is that more detailed metrics collection takes more server power. Collecting metrics as detailed as I’ve described here would take tremendous server power, to the point where the same servers as run free hosting now would barely be able to run a fresh WordPress installation at all.

Instead, we want to use the server power of our website hosting service to actually host websites, instead of collecting impractically detailed metrics. Which is why we only record CPU usage on the account level.

If you want to use some of your CPU power to get more insight into how your application runs, you can install a profiler plugin in WordPress to get that insight. Which can hook into WordPress, rather than into PHP, so it’s a lot more light weight.


Thank you for your reply and for providing the information. After 24 hours the site was restored and i deleted 1 or 2 plugins, installed a w3 total cache and cached the website. I hardly did any work but again the website was suspended. Kindly advise

Like I said: add a profiling plugin to see what is causing the high usage.

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