Site is redirecting to other site

My domain is not working at all. It always redirects to other site “LifeStyle”.

Impossible to manage at all.

Yes, i tried to delete cookies and reload pages. I already disabled my adblock to help your site, but nothing is working.

Completely broken?

I saw redirect in the first time when i registered, but then redirect dissapeared and i successfully logged into my admin panel. Then i tried to manage pages and install plugins from wp-admin. Then, redirect shows up again and nothing is working - can’t open wp-admin or main page.

Now it opens fine - without redirect.

I’m not sure if it will continue to work next time, because redirect happens on regular basis, then stops, then begins again.

This seems to be to do with your local caching so if the problem keeps persisting then try purging your local cache.

Best Regards,

Alan T.