Site does not work


Is there a problem with the hosting? My site does not work any more

Hi. Welcome to the forum.

What domain are you trying to access?

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It is a custom domain I don’t want to give the name in public (nobody know it is a free hosting)

Do you have a dnd problem? Even a redirection made on your site (first part not contrôle panel) doesn’t work neithet

My domains and control panel are working correctly.

I am not sure what could be causing your issue.

Were you using a domain name from Freenom?

No my own domain. On your dns

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I don’t work for Infinity Free. I am just a customer like you.

If you provide the domain name, I can help you troubleshoot.

One thing you can try is an “NS Lookup” here:

Make sure your DNS servers are correct.

Yes my dns are correctly pointing to infinityfree

I can wend by email

And it is a timeout

Have you checked these things to make sure that you are not over the limit (e.g. CPU usage or web traffic)? Maybe your account has been temporarily suspended?

How can I know if it is suspended?

Maybe check your account page?

Timed out response means that such site is either blocked by your country or server is temporary down, can you try to access with VPN?

It is possible that the servers are down for some reason, it should be fixed soon.

It seem it work again

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I’m glad to hear that. :grinning:

It doesn’t work now

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Trying running a traceroute to see where it fails?


I sent you a direct message on the forum, if you could share your domain there, we can try and figure out what is happening.